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Commercial Exterior Cleaning

Diamond Exterior Cleaning is a family-run business that provides both high-quality washing and gutter cleaning services to residents and businesses in Tayside areas. We will take care of whatever needs fixing, whether it’s your house or business.

Contract Cleaning

Diamond Exterior Cleaning is an exterior cleaning company in Dundee that specialises in pressure washing and steam cleaning. We offer a variety of services using the highest quality pressure washers and steam cleaners. Our services include mono-block, patio cleaning, decking, stone work, gutters, soffits and facias, decking restoration. Whether you own a home, manage a business, or operate a corporation, we can help you make your property look its finest!

Our Commercial Cleaning Service

We are professional exterior cleaning experts in Dundee for Domestic and Commercial

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Pressure Washing

Pressure washing services involves using high-pressure water streams to efficiently remove dirt, grime, and stains from surfaces like driveways, decks, and walls. This revitalizes properties, improves aesthetics, and extends their lifespan. Employing specialized equipment and eco-friendly cleaning agents ensures effective cleaning without surface damage. Pressure washing services enhance property value and hygiene, making them an essential aspect of property maintenance and enhancement.

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Roof Cleaning

Offering professional roof cleaning services enhances the longevity and aesthetics of homes. Our expert team employs eco-friendly solutions to remove algae, moss, and debris, preventing potential damage to shingles and extending the roof’s lifespan. Regular roof maintenance also improves energy efficiency by eliminating dark stains that absorb heat. Beyond functionality, our service elevates curb appeal, enhancing property value and leaving a lasting impression. We prioritize safety, utilizing specialized equipment and trained personnel to ensure a thorough, damage-free cleaning process. Trust us to restore your roof’s pristine condition, promoting a healthy and attractive home while safeguarding against potential structural issues.

Graffiti removal

Providing graffiti cleaning services involves employing targeted methods to efficiently remove unwanted graffiti from various surfaces. By utilizing specialized techniques and environmentally friendly cleaning agents, graffiti, paint, and other markings are effectively eliminated, restoring the appearance of buildings, walls, and public spaces. These services not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the surroundings but also contribute to the maintenance and revitalization of the community. Graffiti cleaning professionals ensure thorough removal without causing damage to the underlying surfaces, preserving their integrity. Offering graffiti cleaning services promotes a cleaner and more visually pleasing environment, instills a sense of pride in the community, and plays a pivotal role in the ongoing upkeep of public spaces and private properties.

Gutter clearing

Delivering gutter cleaning services involves the systematic removal of debris, leaves, and blockages from gutters and downspouts. By utilizing specialized tools and techniques, professionals ensure that rainwater can flow freely and effectively through the drainage system. This process prevents water damage, foundation issues, and potential mold growth. Gutter cleaning services not only maintain the structural integrity of properties but also safeguard them from costly repairs. Experts utilize safety equipment and environmentally responsible practices to efficiently clear gutters without causing harm. Offering gutter cleaning services contributes to property longevity, prevents water-related problems, and provides homeowners with peace of mind, making it an essential aspect of property maintenance and protection.

Our Testimonials

Cecilia Eldridge
Cecilia Eldridge
Amazing difference having cleared moss from the roof and gutters
amanda docherty
amanda docherty
Five star service 🌟 We Chose Matthew and the diamond team because of his knowledge, professional approach and enthusiasm for the service they offer. He measured up to all expectations. His team worked tirelessly to complete the contract to a high standard and I would have no hesitation in giving them a first class recommendation.
tom mcconnachie
tom mcconnachie
Professional, turned up on time did a great job of my roof and very reasonably priced.I would recommend.
Tracy Douglas
Tracy Douglas
We used Diamond Exterior Cleaning Ltd on three separate occasions, to clear gutters and clean patio. They did a great job, very professional and I would highly recommend this local company.
John Kerr
John Kerr
The team were amazing, arrived on time and cracked on all day until the job was done. So many have commented on what an excellent job they made of the roof. Absolutely recommend them.
Brian Reilly
Brian Reilly
Mat and his Team have just finished a first class moss removal from our roof, great communication prior to job and everything done in accordance with quotation. I would recommend them.
Steve Magee
Steve Magee
Matt and his team power washed my roof cleaned guttering and my mono blocking patio and drive 1st class job done highly recommended and very reasonable prices
Mrs Allan
Mrs Allan
Very professional service. Great communication. Arrived exactly as planned on the day. Results are amazing. Would highly recommend using the company if you are needing roof, patio or drive cleaned.
Miss T
Miss T
We had our roof steam cleaned. It was a dirty job with 50 years of cleaning moss and muck of our roof but this was not a problem for Matt and his team. Arrived promptly in the morning and by the end of the day our roof was cleaned and looked totally different..everything was cleaned up and washed away. You would not know they were here. Great job, professional service would highly recommend.

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